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Before i forget anything.. Layouts by pathogen

yo.. my first community create here!! XD.. its darn boring at first look but i'll try to upload something in this community lol.. as i have many things to learn here and also i'm kinda new at this livejournal stuffs so walla!! I'm HERE! And havent yet complete the stuffs going on so please dont kill me... cause i'm already dead.. I'M trying to help those who LOVE Japanese or Korean music cause over there its either hard to find japanese or korean albums or its just that the albums are very VERY expensive! some even may costs S$60 above just for one album with a few songs inside!!! T^T

Maintainers are me - trastoink or arika_shikari (Dont panic! This is my another journal). So the MOD or maintainers are still me.. hahaha...

My Aim:
To Expose people to music...mainly things they would have considered listening to..

What do i use when upload stuffs in here??
1) Megaupload
2) YSI (Yousendit)
3) Sendspace
*4) Others (uhm this part i have no idea) XD

If you like what you see, feel free to add here

1. If you take a song, please comment. This is so i know if you are an active member and how much longer it is before the file expires. On some upload programs a file is active for so many downloads, so i'd like to keep up whats going on. And also i'd love feedback on what you think of the music i supply.
2. Be nice. Don't flame. Don't disrespect other people's options. If you do, you will be filed and will be out of the community.
3. The songs uploaded here are for sample.. SUPPORT THE ARTIST if you like what you hear.. But, dont care bout this rule XD
4. Don't promote other communities here. If you really want your community to be promoted, get in touch with the maintainer and i would make you as an affiliate. All post/comments promoting communities will be deleted
5. No hot linking banners, icons or of course, music or i will hunt you down and.. do.. something.. BE WARNED!!
6. All entries must be FRIENDS only
7. Please be nice to the members even they don't like the songs you upload. If don't i will remove your privilages.
8. If you break any of the rules, you must be prepared to face the fact that i can and will delete the post and/or remove you from posting access.
9. Have fun!!

Affiliates here...
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Just added to the list yongwonhi
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